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Build your own website in minutes and rent your home directly, avoiding paying any platform fees!

Creating a direct-booking website is the ultimate channel for you to have.
It’s not just a place to market your rentals, it’s a place formed based on your property and your needs.

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Features include:

High-quality optimized website personalized to your needs

Sync with other channels

Online payments have never been easier

24/7 support by our experienced team

Made with Website Builder: It’s a Beautiful Day

Made with Website Builder: Ampelos Estate

Made with Website Builder:  Ellicottville Hideaway

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Why trust Syncbnb’s Website Builder?

We offer a direct booking engine with advanced features.

High-quality optimized website personalized to your needs

  • User friendly & responsive design
  • Choose from multiple themes and layouts
  • Use your own domain
  • On site reviews from your guests
  • You are free to move your site wherever and whenever you want

Sync your calendars with
other channels

We are the only channel manager in the world that can sync your calendars with any website, even your custom website so that you never have to worry about double bookings!

With our Rate Management feature, you can also set discounts, promotions, fees for additional guests, etc. and then our system will sync them correspondingly to all your active channels.

Online payments have never been easier

There is no need to have a company set up!

With our website builder, you can charge your guests’ credit/debit/prepaid cards for the whole booking or just a down payment, you choose.

The money will show up in your personal account the next day.

24/7 support by our experienced team

Syncbnb team is here to support you in everything you need after the website is done.

Just call us or chat with us anytime, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

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Benefits of using Syncbnb’s Website Builder

Owning and managing your own website is a daunting task, but the benefits (if done properly) outweigh the effort.

Increase your bookings

Almost 30% of our customers’ bookings come from direct channels – their own websites, Facebook, phone bookings, emails. Travelers are actually becoming well-aware of the fees they have to pay, and they will appreciate the lower price (for the same exact property) on a direct-booking platform, rather than via an OTA.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to increase your revenue!

Increase profits per booking

Direct bookings are commission free!

This means more profit to you, and more capital available to improve your product, renovate your properties, add extra facilities and amenities, which in turn increases your bookings even more!

Re-invest money saved from commisions

You can invest your extra 15-20% into your property and, eventually, even raise the price of the property. These investments can include things like techy-gadgets, better experience, a revamped place, free breakfast, welcome packs, or even more amenities – all of which will certainly lead to even better customer experiences and further, higher profits.

Better guest retention

If you have a direct-booking website, you’re more likely looking for a long-term relationship with your guests. You’ll be able to retarget them effectively, directly communicate with them, and avoid any third-party players that might affect your relationship with your guest. They’ll always have direct access to you, and you’ll easily be able to offer world-class customer service to them.

Start earning more!

We build your direct booking website for just $599

Hiring a specialized web agency to build your website will most likely incur a cost ranging anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 – and not everyone can afford that.

With Syncbnb’s Website Builder, you get a professional website with everything you need for just $599!

In case you want any change, after the delivery of the website, you will be charged an extra $30 per hour.

The payment processing will be done via Stripe – the largest payment processor in the world.

What's included?

Your very own website

Unlimited number of listings. First three are setup by us, for free

Quick training course
1 year of Syncbnb’s Vacation Rental Calendar Synchronization*

Pay once, forever yours

Need more info? Contact us.
* 1 year free Syncbnb Vacation Rental Calendar Synchronization service is only available for one property