Vacation Rental Calendar Synchronization

Our core product is calendar synchronization between different vacation rental channels (or listing sites) like Airbnb,, HomeAway, Tripadvisor/Flipkey and hundreds more.

We can achieve this with 2 core elements of our platform:

  1. Multiple update methods
  2. Quality Assurance on all stages

Syncbnb is the first and only vacation rental channel manager that can synchronize listings between more than 200+ channels with 100% success rate and a money-back guarantee.

At the heart of our platform is a Quality Assurance mechanism that checks each and every channel update to make sure that the correct dates have been updated. If for any reason the update has not been executed correctly with the default update method, Syncbnb falls back to the next available update method. If that fails, we fall back to the next and so on until our QA system has verified that the calendars have been modified correctly.

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    200+ Channels

    Actually, not 200 channels... All channels! Any channel in the world. As long as it's in English and more than 2 customers ask for it, we will include it!

    Sync with your own website (Yes, really)

    We are the only channel manager in the world that can sync your calendars with any website, even your custom website. Be it Wordpress, Wix, Joomla, Drupal, you name it, we support it.

    Real-time, 2-way sync on ALL channels

    Most of the competition at this price range uses ical connectivity to update calendars, which means 2-4 hour delays at minimum, and 8-12 hour delays possible. That means double bookings. We sync with all channels always under 10 minutes, and usually under 5.

    100% update success guarantee

    If we miss our target for even 1 booking, the whole month is free. We are THAT confident.

    Easiest setup possible

    If you have tried other channel managers, you will be BLOWN AWAY at how easy Syncbnb is. Setup is instant, and almost zero effort is needed after that. Just sit back and enjoy the peace of mind you so much need.

Sync your properties on 200+ channels

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