Simple, clear pricing for all. If you manage more than 3 rentals, contact us to get a better deal.

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Calendar Sync Full

We employ advanced AI, cutting edge software and human quality assurance to make sure you have all your calendars updated and synchronized.



  • Billed Annually (-21%)
  • Billed Monthly
  • Up to 10 active channels
  • 2-way sync with ALL channels
  • Near real time sync
  • 24/7 support
  • Super easy setup
  • $500 double booking guarantee
  • Team management
  • Charts & Reports
  • Related listings

Revenue Booster

Schedule a call with our experts to get a free consultation regarding the channels it would be best to add to your current channel mix, based on your property’s characteristics. 90% of our customers saw a 2x increase in their revenues 3 months after hiring us to add their properties to the right channels!


per property / per channel