Your pricing says that months with no activity are free. How does that work?

Important Note: This offer is not valid anymore and has been improved. You can read more on the new policy here: Off Season Mode.


We are proud to offer this unique pricing option, and we think it’s the fairest deal in the market, so you never pay for bookings you didn’t get!

This is how it works: If during a whole month there is no activity on your calendar (no new bookings, no new cancellations, no modifications) then the next month is FREE !

Important: It doesn’t matter if someone is staying at your place during that month, as long as his booking happened on a previous month. Let’s see 2 examples:

  • Example 1: You have 3 different groups staying at your rental during August, on 3 different bookings, but during the whole month of August you got no new bookings or cancellations. You are eligible for the discount and September will be for free.
  • Example 2: No one is staying at your place during March, but on March 15th you get a new booking for June. That means we immediately synchronize all your channels with the new booking, so March is invoiced normally.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this revolutionary pricing scheme – just talk to us via the chat in the bottom right of this page!


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