Stay One Degree

Stay One Degree

Stay One Degree is the world’s first luxury travel social marketplace. According to their claim, Stay One Degree is a trusted members club for luxury travel, connecting luxury travelers with the world’s foremost luxury rental property. Stay One Degree gives the chance to homeowners to list their properties in a like-minded community in over 60 countries and rent them to trusted people only from a verified community. Applicants and homes are carefully vetted before gaining access to the exclusive community. Stay One Degree offers its members trust and access to intimate knowledge of the surrounding area from the homeowner that they are renting. 


Stay One Degree


Targeting: Stay One Degree is orientated towards people who are looking for a  luxurious stay during their holidays. It targets global audiences for luxury travel.

  • Founded: 2016 (Asia) 
  • Short term rental properties: 3.500+
  • Commission: 8% per booking 
  • Payments: Channel collects payments



  • Renting your property to a trusted verified community
  • 24/7 customer care
  • Provides optional holiday home insurance
  • Low commission fee



  • You have to pass the 300 quality checks to ensure it meets the high standards of the community, in order to list your property



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