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Syncbnb can synchronise:

200+ channels
(Including Airbnb, Homeaway,, Tripadvisor, Expedia)

Your personal website
(Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, Joomla, Drupal, etc)

Any Property Management System
(Kigo, VReasy, Guesty, Lodgify etc)

2-way, under 5 minutes
with 100% reliability!


Let technology work for you

Advanced AI

We employ advanced machine learning techniques to automatically update your properties across hundreds of channels. Coupled by Human Quality Assurance, we ensure your bookings get synchronized in near real time and absolute reliability.


Real-time Sync

We ensure 100% success in updating your property bookings across all vacation rental websites. Where others support 5 or 10 websites, and most of them 1-way, we support real 2-way sync with hundreds of channels. We can even sync with your own website!


Multiple Configuration Setup

Do you want to offer your house as a whole house, but you also want to offer each room separately? Syncbnb gives you that option!

Multiple Configuration Setup

Zero Double Booking

We are so confident in our service since we are the only channel manager that can offer a Zero Double Booking Guarantee.

Zero Double Booking

Easy Setup

Syncbnb is super easy to setup with zero maintenance effort.



World class technology that enables amazing features


Supported Channels

200+ Channels will bring you all the bookings you can handle


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